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Noticed a leak in my basement and had no idea where it was coming from. i looked around to check if it was my water boiler because it happened before but it wasnt so i called drainrooter plumbing to see if someone could come and fix this because it was damaging my hardwood floor. Talked to a representative and they told me they will have someone on their way right away and I should expect a plumber to be there within an hour. Mike the plumber came in 30mins after the call and did an inspection in my basement to see where the water was coming from. He found that the leak was coming from my lavatory sink drain from upstairs. Then told me this is not a big issue and that he will have it fixed asap. He showed me what was done, he even fixed the faucet handle for me and checked the water pipe connections too and did a couple of tests to make sure that there was no more water leaking in the basement and there was not. The company sent someone over to my house within an hour as they promised. Mike was friendly, respectful and helpful. Didnt make a mess when he was doing the repairs. Im very happy with the service that Mike provided. Very professional, on time, fair pricing, outstanding work practices & high quality of work. I would recommend this company to everyone. Thank you once again Mike!

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Drain Rooter Inc

2446 Rosemary Drive, Mississauga, ON L5C 1X2, Canada
(905) 848-6488