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Transatlas picked up my belongings on Jan 2, 2015 from Hudson, Quebec. They were supposed to deliver to Atlanta, Georgia on Jan 8 or 9 2015. They arrived 3 weeks late on January 30 2015. I told the booking agent (Pierre Enos Moving, PEM) that I would move into my new apartment in Georgia on January 8th 2015. I was told to expect possible delays of a few days because of the winter weather. I packed accordingly. The movers arrived two days early, on January 6th 2015. No one called me. I might have been able to arrange for storage or for the apartment complex to open the apartment early if someone had notified me. They took the shipment back to Canada! I did not hear anything from Transatlas on January 8th. I had to call long distance to find out what was going on. I was told there was a delay of a few days because the truck that went to Canada from the US (to pick up my shipment) was delayed due to cold weather. I later realized this was not true when Transatlas told me they had arrived two days early. The shipment was continually delayed for the next three weeks. Each time, I had to call long distance or use text messaging to find out where my shipment was and when they would arrive in Atlanta, GA. They gave me dates three times, but didn’t show up. Each time I had to arrange to be at the apartment, secure my pets, etc. Finally, they said they would arrive on January 29th 2015. I waited all day on the 29th, then at 2:45pm they called and said they would be here the following morning. They finally arrived on January 30th 2015. I insisted on a discount. They gave me a 10% discount, but only if I paid the full amount IN CASH (in Canadian dollars) when the truck arrived. Otherwise, they said they would not unload my belongings. I had initially agreed to pay approximately half in cash and half via credit card. They charged me almost twice the amount I was quoted over the phone. They never provided me with a formal estimate and did not provide me with a bill of lading. They also did not provide me the opportunity to observe the weighing; in fact they never even provided me with evidence that the shipment was weighed or how much it weighed. The just said it weighed 3180lbs and charged me for that. The delay caused me significant inconvenience and physical and mental distress. Had to go to thrift stores to get kitchen utensils, cookware, and clothing. Mr. Levent of Transatlas was extremely rude and uncaring on the phone. There was no apology or understanding that this delay caused significant problems in my life. When the shipment arrived, my desk (pictures available if needed) was damaged and one box of kitchen items, in which I had packed an Apple Magic Mouse was missing.

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1025 Rangeview Rd, Mississauga, ON L5E 1H2, Canada
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