A Step-By-Step Guide To Selling Your Home

2017-03-31 11:53:27

If you're in the process of selling your home, there are certain things you should know that can help to increase your chances of making it run smoothly. There may be repairs to be done (which you should attend to and you'll see why later) and even little things that can help when someone comes over to see it. Here are some helpful tips to guide you from the point of thinking about it to the point when it's listed.

1. Curb Appeal

This is obviously the first thing anyone sees and you know what they say about first impressions. Before you put your home for sale, you can add a few touches that aren't very expensive at all but can have a dramatic effect. Clean your front door and give it a fresh coat of paint. You could hang some decorative items to give it an inviting look. You can also install outdoor lighting. This definitely will catch a person's attention, plus it adds to security as well. You can change your mailbox to match the exterior of your home. If the mailbox is looking good, then maybe a little colourful garden around the mailbox will do the trick. Simple, yet stunning.

2. Paint Brings A Home To Life!

Like a plant that's just been watered suddenly looks so vibrant, so alive, a newly-painted home has the same effect. It has the power to really freshen things up. Try using neutral colours. Examples of neutral colours are:

  • White
  • Beige
  • Ivory
  • Black
  • Grey
  • Taupe

Neutral colours can be a vital aspect of great design. They can be visually relaxing and can be both a foundation or a background when it comes to decorating. They are also versatile colours and work well with any decorating style. Most important though, is the ability to increase resale value. Whatever you choose to do (or not do), the one thing you simply MUST do is to paint your home.

3. Cleaning

Before selling, make sure to clean the place as best as possible. Perhaps also consider hiring professionals to do it. Get rid of any smells as well. If you are a smoker, your house will stink of cigarettes. Until you finally sell, it's wise to smoke outside. It's generally known in real estate that a clean home will be a quicker sale than a dirty one. Get rid of any clutter. Make your home look presentable. Don't go overboard either by making it look like it's spotless, gleaming and like a show home. Find a middle ground.

4. Repairs

Take care of all the repairs before you start showing people your home. Take care of the squeaks (hopefully not from mice) and leaks, loose handles, doorknobs, burnt bulbs, missing tiles, etc. Repairs can be a very important part of selling the house. It costs less to fix when compared to what it'll cost you when it becomes a negotiating tool for the buyer. Remember, buyers tend to overestimate repairs; an $800 bathroom job will be seen as a $2,000 negotiation with the buyer. It can add up to the point where a potential buyer may not even make the offer. Bottom line - make necessary repairs.

5. Flexibility For Viewings

When it's time to show your home, be flexible with viewing times. People come to see your home when it's convenient for them, not you. If someone knocks on your door, let them in. If the realtor calls suddenly, let him or her come over with prospective buyers. You're trying to sell your home. It's going to cause some disruption occasionally. Don't appear to make things difficult. After all, the quicker the sale, the quicker you can move on. Also remember that the first week your home is listed is very likely the most important, since people have been looking around and are ready to buy.

6. Make Yourself Scarce!

If it's at all possible, try not to be present during a viewing. People like to take their time and not rush these things. Your presence may make them feel like they're intruding. If you are there, watch what you say. Sometimes, owners tend to talk more than they should and give away secrets. What you say will be analyzed later, after they leave.

7. Selling Is Time-Consuming

Remember that selling takes more time than buying, so be patient. Hopefully, you're not in a hurry either, because people wanting to sell quickly can lose out big time. They are willing to accept lower prices. Buyers are not stupid; they know that they now have a bargaining opportunity made in heaven. Take your time and don't panic. It will eventually be sold.

Try to price your house accurately. With the Internet now, unlike before, everyone has the same information. Everyone is well-informed. Don't be afraid to counteroffer a low offer. Be open and honest about everything. You're all trying to achieve the same goal, so work cooperatively with everyone.

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