5 Easy Ways to Convert Paper Forms to Digital Forms

2017-03-01 21:08:23

You may have noticed the last time you visited your doctor's office, dentist's office or even local grocery store that they have gone completely digital, or least almost entirely paperless.

After noticing this trend, you are beginning to consider making your own business have a paperless office. Despite years of depending on paper and only relying on your computer for the simple stuff, you have now finally decided to go digital and paperless.

One aspect that your company will need to hone in on is the conversion from paper forms to digital forms. Whether you want to convert your previous paper forms into the electronic database or you want to move forward with digital forms, this will take time and energy

Here are five easy ways to convert paper forms to digital forms:

Invest in the Necessary Infrastructure

During your plight to a paperless environment, and thus digital forms, you will need to invest in the necessary infrastructure. In other words, you will need the technology, software and equipment in order to handle digital forms and the entire conversion to paperless.

This could consist of tablets, new software, different computers and human capital (see below).

Be Selective of Certain Questions

Now that you are moving into the world of digital forms, you have to be selective of your questions. You can't have multiple pages of questions that could help develop a novel of the person answering the questionnaire. You should only pick relevant and detailed questions.

This method is especially important if someone is responding to questions on a digital form in the comfort of their own home, a place where they are more likely to be distracted. Remember, there are numerous tips and tricks that companies employ to avoid people abandoning forms.

Attempt to Incorporate Skip Logic

Indeed, this may be one of the most difficult steps during this conversion process, but it is also important. You should attempt to incorporate skip logic into your digital forms to help speed up the process and ensure that the individual understands fully how to answer the questions.

Not only does this help speed up the digital forms, it also makes data collection easier.

You Don't Need Generic Questions

In addition to being selective of the questions you insert into the digital forms, you also need to refrain from adding generic questions that won't do much for you or for the client/patient.

You must come up with a reason for each question on the form. You must make each question as precise as possible. Once you do, you will have valuable data for the company moving forward.

Try to Get Experts to Install Digital Forms

All of this may appear to be overwhelming, something that is way beyond your expertise. Rather than utilizing the instrument of the do-it-yourself (DIY) trend, you should instead hire professionals who have experience in this line of work.

By taking advantage of computer experts, you can avoid suffering setbacks and you can save plenty of time and energy in this conversion to digital forms. They understand first-hand how to fully convert paper-based forms into digital forms as well as what software and technology you need. If you rely on your lack of tech skills then you will have numerous hurdles to climb.

Eventually, all new businesses will be entirely paperless. It can be costly, time-consuming and frustrating to work with boxes and cabinets filled with paper. By going paperless, you can be green, improve access and keep up with the times, which helps you compete with your rivals.

One of the first steps you need to take is converting from paper-based forms to digital forms.

As long as you employ the aforementioned methods, you can ensure that you are taking the necessary precautions and measures to properly install digital forms.

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