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2206 Portland St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4M6, Canada

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This is purely my experience with the Edmonton office - I have had no interactions with the main Calgary office. COI is the listed distributor for Herman Miller products in Alberta. Wanting to purchase one of their higher end office chairs, I headed to the showroom to test them out. The showroom is fantastic. Great selection of products and interior setups with a wide range of brands.The place was completely empty (I was the only customer) so I was free to test things out and browse around. The sales guy was pleasant and seemed more than happy to help out.I tested out a range of chairs and narrowed it down to 2 options. I asked for quotes on the two models/specs I wanted and if they could set me up with a designer account. No problem. Great experience. We shook hands, exchanged business cards and I was told to expect a follow up asap. I sent them my business card, business license and professional association ID and thought everything was good to go.I didn't hear anything for a week, so I sent a follow up email to see if they received the info I sent. I heard back with an apology that they were busy and would get to it "today or tomorrow". No response that day or the next.I left things for another 3 weeks. Followed response. I followed up again. No response. I went in to the showroom July 2nd and it's now the end of September. Totally unacceptable. Don't shake my hand if you have no intention of sticking to your word.I hate leaving 1 star reviews for businesses, but I want people to know that unless you're bringing big business to them, this company likely has zero interest in helping you out. The chairs I was interested in are in the $1000 dollar it's not like I was buying an insignificant item. I would love to evaluate them fairly on a complete customer experience, but their inability to follow up at all, let alone in a timely manner is completely ridiculous. It would be nice to have a reliable source for contemporary furnishings in Edmonton to recommend to fellow designers or interested individuals, but this certainly isn't that kind of establishment.

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Contemporary Office Interiors Ltd - Calgary

2206 Portland St SE, Calgary, AB T2G 4M6, Canada
(403) 265-1133

Contemporary Office Interiors Ltd

2206 Portland Street Southeast, Calgary, AB T2G 4M6, Canada
(403) 265-1133